We love coffee.  We love a fresh, homemade mug of morning goodness.   We love a $7 hipster cup o’joe.  We love cold brew.  We love watered-down, cheap diner coffee.  We love French-pressed liquid gold.  Heck, we even love ‘basic’ lattes.  But, every once in a while, ya just don’t have the time to brew a cup or a third hand to carry the damn, scorching hot liquid.

Sometimes you’re moving too fast to catch a second to gulp down a coffee.  Just eat it.

Throw a pouch in your backpack and hop on your motorcycle.  Break out a pack on the chairlift.  Rip one open as you’re speeding to work.  Stash ’em in the purse for your run (in heels) from lunch to your next meeting (while you’re on your fifth conference call of the day).

A package of Edible Espresso Beans offers 150mg of caffeine; the same amount as your average ‘tall’ cup o’ joe.  The only difference is, you munch them down rather than impatiently burning your tongue to get your caffeine fix.

Yeah, we add a little dark chocolate.  So yeah, sorry, there’s sugar. But about half as much as that latte and a ton less than those gross energy drinks.  Plus, chocolate is natural, not a weird chemical or manufactured drink.

Like we said, we move fast.  We want to encourage others to do the same.  Let’s face the facts, not everyone is born with the same opportunity.  Not every inner city kid is a football or basketball player, a rapper or an academic. Some of those kids may be born to rip on a skateboard, but never have the opportunity.  Maybe they’ll be the next big name in the skate videos or maybe they’ll just learn a different way of life.

At Edible Espresso, we give 10% of our net profits to Spread the Shred, an organization with the sole purpose is of getting under-privileged youth ON BOARD.  The money is used to buy skateboards from local shops and give them to the less fortunate; in turn, supporting the skate scene from both ends of the spectrum.

Order a few and help some kids while you help yo’self!