Dark chocolate covered coffee beans

aren’t anything new, but what a handy, delicious,

clean source of caffeine they are!

Eat a small handful of these tasty beans and …

Voila! Your coffee buzz has arrived.

Not everyone knows you can eat coffee for the same buzz as brewed coffee

– in fact, it lasts longer too!

Many years ago, a few goats ate some coffee berries.

Their shepherd, a monk, noticed the goats were unwilling to sleep after eating the coffee.

So, he ate some too, and stayed alert during the entire evening prayer at the monastery!

That’s how coffee was discovered – GOATs are the OGs of coffee!

We love coffee.

That first homemade pot of the day,

a $7 hipster cup o’joe, cold brew,

watered-down, cheap diner coffee,

French-pressed, a ‘basic’ latte,


But, every once in a while,

you don’t have the time to brew a cup,

or have a third hand to carry that scorching hot liquid.

Sometimes you’re moving too fast to gulp down a coffee.

Just eat it.

Throw a pouch in your backpack and hop on your bicycle.

Break out a pack on the chairlift on your ski trip.  Rip one open along your hike.

Grab some from your purse as you run to your next meeting – during your 5th conference call of the day (just remember to mute yourself).

A package of edible espresso offers 150mg of caffeine;

the same amount as your average ‘tall’ cup o’ joe.

The difference is, you eat them rather than impatiently burning your tongue, for your caffeine.

Yes, we add a little dark chocolate.  So yeah, sorry, there’s sugar.

But about half as much as that latte and a ton less than those energy drinks.

Our dark chocolate is natural, not a weird chemical or highly processed beverage.

Plus, we are both dairy-free

and plant-based.

Please see our full nutritional profile here.

Boards, motorcycles, you name it, we move fast

and get juiced when others to do the same.

But, let’s face the facts, not everyone is born with the same opportunity.

Not every child born in the inner city is a football or basketball player, a rapper or an academic.

Some of those children could benefit from skateboarding – to feel the satisfaction of a new trick

and experience the camaraderie of skating with friends.

edible espresso gives 10% of net profits to Spread the Shred,

an organization with the goal to get under-privileged youth on board,

 by buying skateboards from local shops, giving them to the less fortunate and

 supporting the skate scene from both ends of the spectrum.

So, eat some coffee and help some kids!